Pocket-lint has seen its fair-share of iPhone and iPad cases. In fact, we get sent so many of them to take a look at that we've built a small extension on the side of Pocket-lint towers using them as bricks. It hasn't been signed off as safe by the authorities, but the work experience lad seems happy enough out there.

But it's been a while since we saw a range of cases that got the fanboy buried beneath all worked up. And that's exactly what Pipetto's HunterWanderer range has done.

Designed with your iPhone 4 and your iPad 2 in mind, this isn't your run of the mill case setup. It's super trendy and is made with premium materials.

They are handmade using genuine British wax cottons and Italian leathers and they are also multi-functional. Well, the iPad 2 one is at least. It comes with an adjustable handle, so it can be made to look like a trendy handbag (or man bag chaps) and it can also be used to strap an iPad 2 onto a car headrest so the kids can watch Rastamouse on the iPlayer on the way to school.

Of course, all these fine materials and hand stitching shenanigans come at a premium. The iPhone range is £39.99 and iPad 2 cases are available from £99.99. Not cheap, but if you show us a more stylish iDevice case then we'll eat our handmade Italian leather hat.

For stockist details, check out Pipetto.co.uk.