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(Pocket-lint) - Binatone has unveiled a bonkers device that it is describing as an eBook reader, but what we'd call a tablet / ereader / personal organiser hybrid - the Binatone ReadMe Mobile.

The ReadMe Mobile really is a case of a jack of all trades in that it specialises as an eBook reader - although the colour screen isn't E-Ink so there are reflection issues - but it also offers an Android OS (2.1, Éclair), Wi-Fi connectivity, web browsing, email and media playback. There's also 2GB of storage for your digital shizzle.

There's no touchscreen though - the display is a 7-inch, 800x400 one. Controls are via the BlackBerry-like trackpad and the full physical QWERTY. This is not only something that we don't think we've seen before on an Android tablet - it also makes for a wacky looking device.

Still, at £129, it's a device that may find a market amongst more budget conscious tech fans, who aren't too bothered that it may be spreading its features a little too thinly. Battery life is also a bit of issue - 6 hours "reading time" is stated.

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The Binatone ReadMe Mobile is out now - as is the updated version of the iHomePhone packing "a whole range of enhancements". The iHomePhone 2 is priced at £99.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.