Is the world ready for another JooJoo tablet? Well, that's a prospect that could soon be becoming a reality as the least anticipated tablet sequel in history - the Fusion Garage JooJoo 2 - has paid a visit to the FCC, suggesting that it is gearing up for a launch.

Unlike the Ubuntu-Linux based original, which was born out of the whole CrunchPad saga, the JooJoo 2 could be packing Android - at least that's the case if the plans haven't changed since the end of last year when the JJ2 rumours started spreading.

The word then was that the tablet could be of the 12-inch variety and could be business based. There was also talk of a deal with Japanese company ASTEC Co. Ltd. The FCC listing has the device named as the Grid10 though, so maybe FG has shaved a couple of inches off of the initial idea.

Whatever the final device ends up as, Fusion Garage will hope that it enjoys better figures than the original which initially only had 90 pre-orders, of which 15 were cancelled. It has since been discontinued and banished to tech Room 101.