JailbreakMe 3.0 has gone live, making it possible to jailbreak your iPad, iPad 2 or iPhone - all from your iDevice's mobile Safari browser, and with just one click of a button.

As long as you're running iOS 4.3.3, you simply need to visit JailbreakMe.com from your browser, click the Cydia install button and away you go - a world of customisation not approved by Jobs and the gang awaits you.

What's more, the JailbreakMe team is claiming the hack to be "a safe jailbreak that cannot put your device into an unusable state on its own" and one that is completely reversible with a simple iTunes restore.

However, as with any jailbreak there are some dangers and annoyances - jailbreaking can make your iDevice less secure (especially if you use OpenSSH on your jailbroken device) and upgrading to iOS 5 later this year may prove difficult.

Jailbreaking has never been so easy though, and there's no quicker way out there to experiment if you've always been curious as to the hidden extras your Apple toy is capable of.

As always, don't come crying to Pocket-lint if you do brick your phone or tab though - even with JailbreakMe's claims, Cydia is not what God (Jobs) intended for your iPhone or iPad, so jailbreak at your own risk.

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