It looks like tablet-owning speedy texters are about to get a boost in the form of the newly released Swype 3.0, which includes Honeycomb support.

In what must be the most dramatic demo video ever made, Swype has shown off the newly added 3.0 functionality. Things like moveable keyboards are now order of the day, allowing you to shift the typing interface from both left, right and gasp..centre. 

There is also predictive tap, which seems to eerily transform your tablet or phone into a mind-reader. The Swype 3.0 video shows the accidental 'oeedidteci tso' being turned into 'predictive tap'.

For those who are yet to try out Swype, now is the time. Swype is a clever text input method for Android that allows you to connect words without taking your fingers off the QWERTY pad. A bit of practice and Swypers can get up to some seriously impressive texting and mailing speed.

For those who want to give it a go, the Beta can be downloaded here. A word of warning for the slightly less tech savvy; whilst easy to install, Swype is not stuck into Android through the conventional Market download method. Instead apks must be downloaded and installed. Thankfully Swype has a handy how to on its website to get you started. Check it out here.

Fancy giving Swype a go? Or do you like to keep things conventional?