Thought that 3D playback without glasses on the iPad was impossible? Well think again, because the updated CineXPlayer makes it a reality...Kind of.

We're not talking auto-stereoscopic 3D here - we're talking old style anaglyph 3D - but without the need for specs. Sure, you'd need to cover your beloved iPad with some overlay film in what CineXPlayer calls "GRilli3D" technology but hey, it's a small price to pay for glasses-free 3D on your iPad.

If you don't want to put sticky plastic all over your favourite toy's expensive screen, you can always fish out a pair of green and red lens specs.

The app even converts 2D content into the third dimension on the fly and existing CineXPlayer users will already know about its impressive file compatibility for playback (Xvid, MOV, M4V, 3GP and MP4).

To get the 3D support you'll need to purchase the in-app enabler for £1.19. You'll also need version 2.1 of CineXPlayer, which is in the App Store now, priced at £1.99.