If you want to get involved with the Android tablet revolution, but don't have a few hundred quid spare or mind compromising on the latest OS version, then Arnova may have just the answer for you with the Arnova 7 and the Arnova 84.

The 7 has a, you guessed it, 7-inch screen with a 800x480 display. It's a Froyo tab and packs "integrated Wi-Fi and email". There's talk of "more than 30,000 downloadable apps" so no Android Market support then. It weighs 340g and measures 12mm thick.

The 84 has an 84-inch screen. Not really, it's 8.4-inches. They should of stuck a dot in really we think. They should have also put Froyo on board probably - the Android 2.1 inclusion is disappointing to say the least.

Now, if you're worried that at £99 and £129, these tablets are likely to be more of the disastrous Next tablet variety than serious devices then you should gain some reassurance knowing that the chaps at regular tablet manufacturer Archos designed the duo.

We're not saying that they'll perform as well as a Galaxy Tab or a Xoom, because clearly they won't - at the price-tags quoted you're always going to have a compromise on quality.

The Arnova 7 and the Arnova 84 will hit Currys and Asda in June.