When is an ereader not an ereader? When it's a tablet, that's when.

And when is a tablet a tablet? When it gets apps, web browsing and an email program we suppose. And that's exactly what Barnes & Noble's ereader, sorry tablet, the Nook Color, has got now.

It's all thanks to the 1.2.0 software update which has begun rolling out to connected Wi-Fi devices. 1.2.0 is the Nook software version, not the Android version - it's 2.2 all the way in that respect. Yep, Froyo has landed and it's like 2010 all over again!

All mocking aside, Froyo on the Nook Color is quite a big deal as it turns the device into a budget-friendly entry level tablet (it's around $250 Stateside), complete with Android app support, full web browsing (with Flash) and a new social portal.

There's no Android Market unfortunately, or Gmail or Google Maps - as the apps on tap are controlled by B&N, but there's still plenty of games and utilities available.

There is, however, support for Gmail in the new email manager - which offers a single inbox for multiple accounts.

The update also brings extended kids features, an enhanced reading experience and a revamped magazine and newspaper platform.

As stated, the roll out is happening now but if you cannot wait for it to show up on your Nook, then download it manually from barnesandnoble.com.