Novelty TV maker Hannspree is getting all serious on us and serious about tablets as it goes. Fresh from the launch of the SN10T Android 2.2 device that we spotted at IFA 2010, the market is to be hit with two more 10.1-inch machines - the first in Q2 2011 running Gingerbread and the second, and more premium, in Q3 sporting Honeycomb.

The SN10T2 and SN10T3 will be priced at €299 and €499 respectively, the former with a 1024x600px display, 8BG of storage and running a Texas Instruments chipset and the latter with an HD 1280x800px panel, the Tegra 2 system and 16GB to use as you will. If that's not enough for you, then a spokesman for Hannspree has announced at the IFA Global Press Conference 2011 that there will be more tablets to come before the year is out.

The reason behind the sudden injection of interest lies in the analyst figures, which Hannspree has commissioned, which suggest that tablets will be the second largest consumer technology segment in three years' time shipping 300 million units in 2015 and even displacing 30 per cent of PC units the year before. Naturally, the company wants to be riding that gravy train all way in.

Interestingly, it looks unlikely that we'll be seeing a tablet from Hannspree at any other size. Apparently, they were in talks over a 7-inch model but they have stalled do to doubts over the performance of those currently on the market. Anything larger than 10 inches was also dismissed as "unlikely".

Those that do turn up will be augmented with a Custom UI as designed to a Boston based company known as TapTap.