T-Mobile has announced its subsidised iPad 2 pricing - stating that you'll be able to pick up the next-gen Apple device for £199 if you're already a customer of the network.

If you're signing up as a new customer, the price goes up to £229.

For that, you'll be getting the 16GB iPad 2, and you'll be signing up for a 2-year data plan which is £25 a month for existing T-Mobilers and £2 more for new customers.

This buys you 1GB of data a month, plus 1GB to use in T-Mobile's declared "quiet time" of 12am - 10am.

So, as an existing customer your total outlay over the 2 years would be £799 and as a new member of the T-Mobile club, it would be £877.

For a tablet that retails at £499, you need to ask yourself just how badly you need the 3G data - and consider that your network may now allow hotspot sharing using your iPhone with iOS 4.3.

If you do want to take the T-Mobile plunge, it will be taking orders online and on the phone from 5pm on 25 March.

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