We all like gadgets, but how can we use them to improve our interaction with our kids? Basically, which activity best develops kids' creativity?

It is reading, listening to music, playing games or just drawing, be it on a tablet or a computer?

For me, drawing is the best way to develop kids' creativity because it lets you be as creative as you want, while exploring new worlds, monsters and many other things in between.

It doesn't matter how good an artist you are – I’m okay, but not amazing – it’s about making shapes and telling a story.

So, what's your answer to these question? We’ve teamed up with Microsoft as part of the Say Media’s Conversations program to find out. Do you think that reading, music, games or drawing are the best way to develop your kids’ creativity? 

We would love to know what you think. If you want to have your say and are in the US, you’ll find the conversations widget right beneath this post where you can let us know your answers. If you're in the UK you can get involved via the following link http://t.co/2VoucF6

We look forward to hearing them.

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