Mozilla has told Pocket-lint that it's working on an optimised version of Firefox Home for the iPad.

“We are working on iPad for Firefox Home,” Mozilla’s principal product manager Thomas Arend told us in a one-to-one briefing at CTIA in Florida.

Due to restrictions from Apple, who insists that all browsers on the iOS platform use Webkit, Mozilla launched Firefox Home to allow Firefox desktop users to get their favourite links on the go.

Of course, users who are already enjoying the features will know that you can use it on the iPad already, but that it’s not optimised for the larger screen the device enjoys.

So, when’s a newer iPad-friendly version coming? “Soon,” Arend told us. Unfortunately though, we weren’t able to find out when “soon” actually is.  

As for when Firefox 4 for Mobile will be coming to iOS? It won’t.

“Until Apple changes the rules, you won’t see Firefox on iOS. We didn’t want to simply dress up a Webkit browser to look like Firefox,” says Arend, delivering the bad news.

Firefox 4 for Mobile is currently only available for Android and Maemo. It’s available to download in beta in the Android Marketplace now.