Another Apple device announcement is rapidly creeping up on us like a Dickensian pickpocket, with much the same end result; a rapid emptying of wallets. And, of course, that means that fanboys and flamers alike are sharpening their tongues/typing fingers to pour adoration/scorn over the new product, which will most likely go by the inventive and heady name, iPad 2.

But they're not the only ones following the Cupertino company's forthcoming unveiling as intently as an Apple store detective, the Internet has been awash with rumour and speculation since the first iteration of the iOS tablet arrived a year ago. Some of it, even, has been captured in video form.

So, for good or bad, here's the best vids, in our opinion, that have featured the iPad 2. In no particular order:

Lurking in a far flung corner at this year's CES in Las Vegas was a mock up iPad 2, which a case company claims is based on the design specification sent to it by Apple. And before it was rapidly hidden away, The iPhone Blog (among a couple of others) managed to get a little hands-on time with the build. We certainly hope it's not the real deal though, otherwise it's as ugly as that bit that hangs under a turkey's chin.

However, further evidence to suggest that the mocked up iPad 2 is close to the genuine article came at Macworld Expo, where another case manufacturer displayed something that was similarly shaped. It's certainly worth a watch if you can make it past the weirdly insincere voice over.

Fake TV ad

It's amazing what you can do with a dash of Photoshop. And while this is about as convincing as Martin Lawrence's performance in Big Momma's House 2, it at least shows you what a white iPad 2 could actually look like...


This is easily the best foreigner with a mop on head video we've seen, er, today. It has about as much to do with the iPad 2 as Bill Gates does, but it's worth including if only for effort, and cunning fried egg effects.

Clearly renamed to make the most of the iPad 2 frenzy, and most likely made straight after the launch of the first device, but who cares? It's still funny and relevant.

Another video that we suspect was originally titled "Giant iPad attacks!", but it's definitely a case of saving the best until last. It can happily stake the claim as best iPad 2 video on the 'net. Give yourself a pat on the back boys.

And that's not all, we've already featured a number of fake video reviews of the iPad, including Exkild's excellent spoof, so you should check that out too.

As for us, we're currently undertaking the tech journo equivalent of camping outside an Apple Store, only without the tents, tinned food or unnerving proliferation of mullet haircuts. So keep with us as we cover the launch of the new iPad 2 on 2 March, and the relentless build-up until then.

Like or loath it, an Apple event is a much-talked about piece of showmanship. What's your thoughts on the build up? Let us know in the comments below...

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