The ViewPad 10Pro is ViewSonic’s 10-inch dual boot tablet sporting Android 2.2 and Windows 7 launched at Mobile World Congress.

The dual-boot functionality means that you’ll be able to treat the tablet like a laptop when you need to do some work and like a tablet when you just want to watch movies or surf the web.

In a move to speed up this process even more, and save you having to shut down one operating system to load another, ViewSonic has decided to run Android as a virtualisation on top of Windows 7.

Pocket-lint caught up with the chaps at Mobile World Congress to see how that works and see it in action.

As the video shows, the switching between the new operating systems is incredibly fast.

viewsonic viewpad 10 pro runs android on windows 7 image 1

The ViewPad 10Pro is one of the first tablets to have the Intel Oak Trail processor combined with support for flash 10.1. That screen has a 1024x600 LED backlit capacitive multi-touch panel, is fully connected with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and has at least six hours of battery life. 

But regardless of specs – we just love seeing the little Android guy as a Windows icon – lets hope this way of doing it comes to more devices in the future.