Watch out Motorola, there's a new Honeycomb championship contender in town - the T-Mobile G Slate - which has gone and gotten all official Stateside.

The T-Mobile branded LG G-slate seems to tick all of the boxes that are required of a cutting edge tablet in 2011:

Android 3.0 - check.

4G connectivity - check.

Dual-core CPU - check.

3D options a plenty - check.

Basically, this looks like having the minimum spec a tablet is going need if it wants to take on (and perhaps even topple) the next slate offering from Cupertino.

The T-Mobile G-Slate has an 8.9-inch 3D capable display (1280x720) and is rocking a Nvidia Tegra 2 chip, a rear-facing stereoscopic Full HD 1080p and 3D video recorder and a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.

It can playback 720p HD video (with HDMI-out for 1080p HD and 3D) has 32GB of internal memory, a built-in gyroscope, an accelerometer and adaptive lighting.

“The G-Slate represents the next chapter in T-Mobile’s rich history of Android innovation,” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA.

“Tablets enable users to take with them the rich Web and entertainment experiences they have at home, and this will radically shift the way people interact with and consume content while mobile. The G-Slate delivers a powerful combination of premium mobile HD entertainment and T-Mobile’s lightning-fast 4G mobile broadband network.” 

Availability is described as "coming soon" and Android fans can register their interest now.

There's no news yet as to when we'll be seeing the G-Slate in the UK but over at CES LG hinted at non-4G G-Slate UK launch.