MSI has shown off a prototype tablet at CES that is designed specifically for kids for parents clearly worried about giving the youngsters their prized possession.

The MSI Kid Pad, as it is currently called, will be feature a 10-inch touchscreen display, offer 8 hours of battery life.

It will weigh in at 900 grams and be considerably more bulkier than your average tablet.

“Faced with today’s explosion of knowledge, children are expected to absorb increasing amounts of information and skills, their schoolbags are getting correspondingly heavier as a consequence,” claims MSI.

msi kid pad you know for kids image 2

Enter the Kid Pad, a “digital textbook and more” in the form of a tablet computer that comes with a integrated handle design that makes it not only easy to carry around, but also doubles as a stand once you flip the handle 120-degrees.

If that wasn’t enough to appeal the back plate will be interchangeable so kids can customise their Kid Pad to make it more them.

Unfortunately MSI hasn’t detailed any more than that. And if that wasn’t enough to put you on a downer, no-one at the booth at CES could tell us when we might see the tablet in the shops.

We will keep you posted.