The last time Vegas saw this many tablets was when Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo came to town.

CES 2011 has been all about the tablets, with Windows and Android efforts flying out from all-comers. And the latest company to announce its efforts is Netbook Navigator, with three new Windows 7 based machines, including the "first ever multi-touch 7-inch Windows tablet" - the NAV7.

The whole range (which also includes the 8.9 inch "revamped" NAV9 and the 10.1-inch NAV10i) is powered by the latest Atom processors and have 2GB of RAM.

They also have SSDs, multiple USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optional 3G connectivity and front-facing webcams.

The 7 and 10i both have capacitive touchscreens and the 9 has a low-resistive one. They'll have a custom UI over the top, which "feature a navigation system that will allow users to easily manage multiple PC applications simultaneously, and browse files, folders and apps with the swipe of a finger".

No release details are available yet, we'll keep you posted.