Sharp has joined the roster of manufacturers offering tablet devices with its new Galapagos E-Media Tablet.

Showcased at the company's CES press conference in Las Vegas, the new device is now available in Japan and is set to launch in the US in the second half of 2011. As well as enabling web browsing, the 16:9 touchscreen LCD gadget links up to the the e-bookstore service to offer you access to e-books, movies, games and music as well as newspapers and magazines. What's more, publishers will be able to send out sneak previews of new content based on your previous choices.

The device is based on XMFD technology which adjusts content automatically to fit the screen. All content is stored on micro SD card, so you'll be able to access it even when there's no Wi-Fi signal available.

In Japan the Galapagos is available as 5.5 and 10.8in versions, although no screen size has yet been confirmed for the US model. The Japanese products run on a Linux-based system but there is no news yet as to whether the US version will use the same OS.

There was no word on a UK release, but we would imagine that if the product is successful in the US then it shouldn't be too long before it makes its way across the pond.