Fox News isn't exactly a hot-bed of tech news revelations, but the outlet has seemingly uncovered some juicy details regarding a range of new PalmPad tablets.

It is reporting that HP will use CES 2011 as a launching pad for its, er, pads - with four different models talked about (although only three will be shown off in Vegas).

Murdoch's organisation has got its mucky paws on a spec sheet and has listed the highlights.

The PalmPad devices will apparently be running on an updated version (2.5.1) of webOS and include front (1.3-megapixel) and rear (3-megapixel) cameras - both of which have an LED flash.

They will be Sprint 4G compatible, have mini-HDMI and USB 3.0 ports, and hardware specs "nearly identical to Apple’s iPad".

The report isn't too clear on the sizes of the devices - an 8.9 university-based model is mentioned (this is the one not being launched at CES) but there's no clarification as to what the other three may be - although, as mentioned, one will have similar specs to the iPad.

The PalmPad range is said to be hitting shops in March 2011 - which could be just in time for a head-to-head battle with the iPad 2.