Everything Everywhere, the dual arm of Orange and T-Mobile, is all set to announce a discounted iPad scheme, whereby you will be able to pick up the 9.7-inch tablet on the cheap if you sign yourself into an 18-month or 2-year contract.

It would be the first time that the iPad has been made available on a mobile-phone style agreement, with the cost expected to drop as low as £200 depending on what contract you sign up for.

The Times is reporting the scheme and we've heard whispers that it's definitely going to happen. We expect to hear something official in the very near future (we're talking hours not days).

As always, keep your eyes peeled to Pocket-lint for updates, and also on the Orange website, where we expect a registration page to open pretty soon.

Update: It's official, but no price news yet.

Orange and T-Mobile both contacted us to say they "will offer new purchase options for iPad users, including more affordable prices when purchased with a data service plan, for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G models in the coming months."