Android tablets are definitely the flavour of the month. It seems that everyone's got one up their sleeve.

But not many companies have six up their sleeve, like Florida based Augen does.

Trouble is that it's gone and ruined all of its hard work by giving the tablets poncy, coffee-inspired, names. Oh well, we suppose you'll just have to ignore the silly names and pay attention to the tech instead.

What we know is all rather patchy, with nothing official yet confirmed. The Augen website still lists the Gentouch 78, an Android 2.1 tablet, as its only slate-like device.

What we do know is that all tablets are running Android 2.2, and some are even 3.0 ready as well apparently.

At the lower-end is the Latte and the Latte Grande (we did warn you) which are both 7-inch tabs featuring Wi-Fi, HDMI out, 2GB of onboard storage and an SDHC slot.

The Latte has a 800 x 480 resolution, whereas the Grande takes this up to 800 x 600, and throws in multitouch to go with the 800MHz CPU, compass, light sensor and accelerometer. 

Next up, we've got the Espresso, which is one of the 3.0 ready devices. It's got a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU, 8GB of flash storage and is, like the Lattes, a 7-incher, with the same resolution as the Grande.

The Espresso Dolce takes the screen size up to 10.2-inches and increases the resolution to 1024 x 768.

The Espresso Firma has a 7-inch screen and is powered by a 600MHz dual-core CPU. It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2GB of storage. It comes in an organiser with a notepad on one side which apparently sends what you write to the tablet (?).

The Espresso Doppio, netbook style tablet (from the picture it looks as if the tablet pops out of a netbook style case), has a dual booting option, with Ubuntu on board as well as Android. It's also a 10.2-inch device, that throws in Bluetooth, two USBs, a trackpad and a 160GB HDD.

Prices for these strange creatures are set to range from $199.99 for the Latte up to $599.99 for the Doppio.

As for the names, we'll let you decide if coffee-based monikers work in the tech world. We're with Larry David though.