Android tablets are ten a penny at the moment, with devices coming out of left-field on a regular basis.

Firstly, we had the shock that Next is selling an Android tab of its own, and now we've learnt that kitchen specialist Alessi is getting in on the action as well.

You'll probably be familiar with the Italian company's Anna G corkscrews, but we doubt you ever thought that it would be dipping its toes in the tech world.

Well it has, and it has produced - in partnership with Promelit - a very stylish tablet indeed.

Running on Android 2.1, the AlessiTab is perfectly shaped to stand upright in the kitchen, due to being two (or three) sided.

It has a capacitive display, 1GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, a mic and webcam, HD support with HDMI out, a USB port and space for a SD memory card.

It also has a DVB-T tuner to turn the tab into a mini TV.

Danilo Marchiori, president of Promelit said:

"The idea was to develop a contemporary instrument such as the Tablet, but to use it in another way, turning it into the focal point of advanced household communications in the third millennium. We believe that this product, more than any other and perhaps uniquely, perfectly summarises technology and our attachment to our homes".

The AlessiTab goes on sale, in Italy to begin with, in November priced at around 400 euros.