£180 Android tablets seem to be the trend at the moment - even high street retailer Next is getting in on the tab action.

And now Disgo has announced the £180 Disgo Tablet 6000, which is an Android 2.1, 7-inch TFT machine.

It has a screen resolution of 800x480, with a skinny frame just 14.6mm thick. There's a iMAPx200 1GHz processor on board with 16KB of L2 Cache, and 256MB of RAM.

It comes with a 2GB microSD card included and you can to upgrade to a bigger card, to a maximum of 32GB.

The Disgo Tablet 6000 has a 1500mAh rechargeable polymer battery, a 2D/3D graphic accelerator, two 0.5W speakers and a HDMI out port.

Luke Noonan, of Disgo said: "Tablets have been one of the big consumer technology stories of 2010, and we’re delighted to get our offering onto the shelves before most other companies.

"We’re exceptionally proud of the Disgo Tablet 6000, and feel that it makes the Tablet more universal - offering fun and affordability, without compromising on performance."

The Disgo Tablet 6000 is out now, and can be bought from Amazon, Play and HMV.