Back at the beginning of August, we at Pocket-lint brought you our guide to the best iPad stands and docks that are available.

But obviously, there were a few that missed our radar, or simply weren't yet available.

And one such product that falls into that second category is the brilliant wooden docks from Woodart that are available via Etsy.

Not only do these docks ooze style - they are also pretty clever. For you see, the four little holes aren't merely aesthetic additions, they also serve an audio purpose.

The design defects the speaker sound to the front which increases the volume of your iPad's speaker.

They are handmade and are made using lacquer over Ippe and Maple veneer.

The Unique, Artistic Functional Wood iPod Dock/Stand may not have the best product name in the world, but we like them anyway.

If you do too, then grab one from Etsy for $39.95. They are available in four different styles.