The company behind the popular external battery packs for the MacBooks, HyperMac; has launched a new external gadget for the iPad.

But rather than just a battery or a keyboard, the HyperDrive is an iPad hard drive that gives your Apple tablet a further 750GB of storage on the go, which is way beyond the top of the range 64GB model currently available.

The external drive, which comes with its own 3.2-inch colour display, D-pad and menu buttons takes a standard hard drive and then lets you transfer videos and image files to the iPad with the help of the official Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit and the iPad's photo importer app.

The device, which will no doubt be perfect for photographers also allows you to back up 12 different types of memory cards including CompactFlash to then transfer across to your iPad.

Prices start at $249 for the HyperDrive without a hard drive - to $599 for the 750GB model.

Pocket-lint has been told that those interested will be able to buy it from the company's website from Monday 6 September, and yes before you ask, they do ship internationally.