We were the first to bring you the official press shots of the new Viewsonic Viewpad 7 last week and now we are one of the first to bring you hands-on of the new 2.2 Android powered tablet that plans to take on Samsung and Apple in the coming months. 

In the hand the ViewPad 7 is smaller, and probably chunkier than you would have thought giving a fairly solid feel to the device and something that is certainly smaller and thicker than Apple's iPad offering. 

In action and the device will have a 600Mhz processor, but still feels nippy with the 3G working fast to download web pages quickly. 

Yes, you get multi-touch, and yes you get SD card and microSD card support, although you won't be getting Flash Player 10.1 - it's just not fast enough. 

The new tablet will be available in October. No price in the UK has been set as yet. 

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