Just minutes after landing in Berlin for the IFA tech show, and we've already bagged our first hands-on with the Viewsonic dual boot Windows 7/Android tablet.

The next model is the extremely intriguing Intel based 10-inch tablet (no confirmed name yet, but we'd hazard a guess at the ViewPad 10) has not only Windows 7 on it with full touch capability, but also Google's Android (1.6) if you are happy to turn it off and reboot.

The tablet, which will hopefully be available in the UK before Christmas, sports a 16:9 widescreen ratio screen, fully multi-touch support in both operating systems and plenty of ways to connect.

We especially like the fact that you'll be able to plug in a standard USB keyboard and treat the tablet like a slimline netbook when in Windows 7 mode.

As for the Android side of things, unfortunately those looking for the latest version will be disappointed. Why the move to a lower pay grade Android OS? Supposedly, according to a Viewsonic spokesman, Google isn't yet supporting the new OS for devices like Viewsonic is offering.

If you want to switch between the two operating systems it will require a reboot, Viewsonic has told us, and for the moment that isn't a pretty looking system, however the company assure us that this will change in time for launch.

There's no more details at present, but potentially Windows and Android both on the same device? Did someone say "iPad killer"?

Stay tuned to Pocket-lint during IFA where we'll be bringing you all the news as it happens live from the event.

Update: We now know that the device is called the ViewPad 100.

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