IFA is all set to be a tablet-extravaganza with Samsung certain to announce the Galaxy Tab, ViewSonic to launch Android and dual-boot Android and Windows tablets, and Toshiba said to be readying some devices as well.

And Rockchip wants in on the action too, with reports suggesting that it will be showing off a tablet that has a unique selling point compared to the others - in that it offers 3D viewing without the need for additional specs.

The rumoured Android tablet, labelled the Supernova x1, would use the same autostereoscopic technology that Nintendo is using for the 3DS, and it is said there would be a simple button to switch between 2D and 3D viewing.

The Supernova x1 is only at a prototype stage at the moment but will be sure to grab a lot of attention at the Berlin expo, even if it does scream "novelty" at us, rather than "game-changer".

Pocket-lint will, of course, be reporting live from IFA and we'll do our darnedest to get our hands on this 3D tablet and let you know all about it.