Wow, it's like a tablet-spaghetti junction on Pocket-lint at the moment with news on new devices flying in from all angles.

It's clear that tablets seem set to be one of the main themes at IFA this year with big announcements expected from all the top players as well as a few lesser known brands.

And Archos, who let's face it have been knocking out tablet-like devices for years now, has revealed that it will be announcing five new slates over in Berlin next month.

Ranging from 2.8 to 10 inches, the tablets, like the Archos 5, will run Android OS and the French manufacturer said the devices will feature "computing, communications and apps with the power of Android plus Archos’ legendary video quality".

There's no news yet as to the exact specifics - like ViewSonic, Archos is just trying to whip up some excitement before the official unveiling of its tablets - but Pocket-lint will be meeting up with the Archos guys over in Germany, and we'll be bringing you all of the juicy details from the launch.