Pocket-lint has died and gone to heaven, the iPADock is the best iPad/iPhone docking solution we have ever seen. Ever.

Get this: It can dock and charge two iPads at the same time, or it can dock and charge an iPad and two iPhones, or four iPhones. It is, indeed, the undoubted king of docking and charging... when it comes to combinations of iPads and iPhones, at least.

And that's not all, it also has rear-mounted slots to store Apple's Camera Connection Kit. Plus, if you hook it up to a PC or Mac, it has seven USB ports (four of them for power shenanigans only, though), and memory card slots for all manner of formats - Compact Flash, SD, SDHC, SDXC, Sony's MemoryStick and more - helping to tidy the clutter from your desktop.

It's even compatible with other Apple devices, such as the iPod touch and Nano, although you will need to get an official Universal Dock Adaptor as it's not included.

Unfortunately, here's the rub, it's initially only going to be available in Japan, via retailer PhotoFast (www.photofast.co.jp), from September. But, at only 5980 yen (roughly £45) it's a veritable bargain if you're planning a visit to the Far East. And the company is currently seeking distributors outside of its home country, so fingers crossed...