Now, whilst we at Pocket-lint are awfully excited by the wave of Windows 7 tablets that are due to hit the shops later this year (it will happen, Steve Ballmer has said so), we can't help but be a little bit worried that Windows 7 on a tablet might be, well, a bit awkward.

Sure, it will be nice to have a fully fledged, multi-functional OS on a tablet that lets you do pretty much everything that you do on your notebook or desktop. But what about when we just want to play around with it?

You know, flick through some pictures, do a bit of emailing, maybe the odd tweet - what we're trying to say is, what about the times we want it to be a bit more like, well, an iPad?

Well, the guys at UI Centric have been working on an interface for those exact moments. Dubbed Macallan, the UI looks a bit like a cross between Windows Media Centre and Windows 7 Phone, with a brilliant layers-system, where you simply peel back the layer you are on to reveal what's going on underneath.

It supports Flash within its browser and also provides links to newspapers, online TV, VoIP features, email, the Internet, music, videos and photos.

Macallan also seems to support real-time widgets such as weather forecasts and RSS headlines, so the tablet user has always got fresh info on his or her device.

Basically, it is a skin that sits over a fully-fledged Windows 7 OS on a tablet making the user experience easier and more touchscreen friendly.

And it looks awesome. All we need now is for some manufacturers to actually ship some Windows 7 tablets.