We've previously brought you news that MSI has shown its 10-inch iPad rival at Computex in Taipei, the amusingly titled Wind Pad. However, we didn't say that the Taiwanese company is considering offering interchangeable back covers for it. 

Three different covers were on display, one which appeared to be made from metal, one semi-translucent and one made from bamboo. And for those that like to take their tablet out in the wild, we have confirmation that that MSI will offer models with 3G connectivity. 

The Wind Pad runs Windows 7, although MSI has come up with a more finger friendly UI called WindTouch that’s meant to make it easier to access various programmes.

We're not too convinced about the Wind Pad, though, not least for its name (the butt of all jokes?), but if it’s cheap enough, we can see it becoming a fairly popular product.