You just got your iPad, but now you are worried about protecting it and making sure that big screen doesn't get scratched when it's in the bottom of your bag or floating around the house.

With so many iPad cases available on the market, this isn't a definitive guide to every one, but really the ones we think stand out from the crowd and that more importantly you should check out.

Griffin Elan Passport for iPad

If you're looking to disguise your iPad when you turn up to a business meeting or Starbucks this is one to consider.

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The Elan Passport will protect your screen and case in transit, it comes with a side pouch for business cards and doesn't involve you having to put the case somewhere when not in use. The catch however is that the little leather straps that hold the iPad in place block most of the controls.

Price: $49.99


Be.ez LA robe

This simple pouch comes in a range of colours and designs, and offers a basic, but cheap protection option. 

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The sleeve is designed with memory foam to protect the iPad and the sleeve's interior is lined with a soft fleece to prevent scratches to the screen. It's a good starter if you aren't looking to break the bank. 

Price: £24.95


LaCie Coat

If you like Lego you probably don't need to read this article any further as, although not officially Lego endorsed, that's what will first spring to mind when you see the LaCie Coat.

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The LaCie Coat designed by Sam Hecht isn't dedicated to the iPad (actually for hard drives and 10-inch laptops) but it still fits around the iPad and is available in five colours (red, orange, blue, black, pink) and features a double layer of Neoprene and soft inside lining, so your iPad is fully protected. The inside accessory pocket is zippered, allowing you to store accessories, handy, and you can even reverse the cover, but that will only give you some soft beige number so we suggest you don't bother.

Price: $14.99


LaCie Vegetal

Another non dedicated iPad case, but worth a mention as not only is it well made, but it's also made from vegetables.

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Rather than a mix of peas and carrots that actually means linen, bamboo and soya, and if that wasn't enough for the eco shopper in you, LaCie promises that it's been made locally to reduce transport costs, and is washable at 30 degrees. Protection is provided by memory foam.

Price: £25.99


Porporta Mizu Shell 

The Proporta Mizu Shell Apple iPad is a super tough silicone case that fits your Apple iPad like a glove and offers robust protection against impact damage.

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Yep, it really is that simple with the shell offering good protection around the home without adding too much bulk to the iPad. Available in red, black and pink the mixture of silicone and crystal provides unbeatable toughness with a soft touch finish. Proporta also sells it with a screen protector if you're looking for a bundle deal.

Price: £24.95


Proporta Smart iPad stand 

The Proporta Smart iPad stand is made from recycled leather and hessian and also transforms into a stand for watching movies.

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A ribbon inside (made from hessian) folds round the back of the case and makes a type of 'A' Frame so that it acts as a stand.  Unlike the Griffin Elan Passport, the iPad slips into a leather pouch which means that controls aren't obstructed.

Price: £34.99


iPad Case McGraw Handmade Vintage Fabric iSockit

If you err on the side of cute and fun rather than mechanical and industrial then this is going to be one for you

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iSockit is a padded case to fit the new iPad and handmade with a mix of vintage wool plaid fabrics and vintage buttons. Made from recycled products (aside from the padding) there is a range of different designs to choose from.

Price: $80


Colcasac iPad sleeve

Another pure material offering, again hand made, this time in Salt Lake City from "tough materials that are easy on the environment."

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Coming in four different colours, your new iPad will be comforted by a soft padded lining. If you really must carry the power pack with you (or more likely headphones) there is also a pouch on the outside although as it's just a pocket things might fall out.

Price: $34.95


Happy Owl Studio The Clutch

Happy Owl's approach here is that you'll want more to a case than just something that protects your iPad.

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There are pockets for cash and change, credit cards, business cards, pens, a stylus, a passport and a mobile phone. Plus, you'll still have room in the larger pocket for your lipgloss, MiFi, keys and more. The only problem is, if you lose it you really will be in trouble.

Price: $64.99


The reader sleeve for iPad and Kindle by Byrd & Belle 

Made from 100 per cent wool felt, the reader sleeve is simple in its design.

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Made from a 1/8-inch thick felted wool offering great protection for your iPad or Kindle you get a hand-dyed leather strap that is riveted on the back and snaps in the front to stop your new toy falling out.

Price: $48


Brenthaven Bill-Fold iPad sleeve

Made from 100% recycled Billboard materials on external shell and 100% recycled marketing materials this is not only eco, but also pretty cool looking too.

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The case is actually slightly bigger than iPad giving a looser fit, however it folds for enhanced corner protection. Because they've been made from recycled adverts no two sleeves are the same, something that you don't get to choose before you order.

Price: $34.95


Manila Leather Envelope for iPad

You remember the time when Steve Jobs whipped out the MacBook Air from a Manila envelope? Well if you didn't opt for a MacBook Air you can now do the same party trick with the Apple iPad.

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The Manila Leather Envelope is a legitimate case that’s constructed out of leather to withstand the harsh environments reads the blurb. Padded and lined with a soft interior it will keep everything safe and snug as long as you don't try and put it in the internal mail at work by mistake.

Price: $38.95


Hard Candy KickStand

While some case makers suggest you prop the iPad up at the right angle by using a rock or something else lying around, the KickStand from case maker Hard Candy comes with its own hidden support that flip out for an optimally ergonomic typing and viewing angle.

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Made from a lightweight polycarbonate body it promises to offer a tough case to protect the goods. And don't panic. It comes in plenty of other colours other than bright-in-your face-look-what-I've-got pink.

Price: $59.99


Hard Candy Squish Skin 

We aren't sure how tough you plan to be with your iPad, but the Squishy Skin is a case that should go someway to protecting the case, if not the screen.

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According to the blurb, the snug, form-fitting silicone stays feather light but resists impacts by utilizing air-filled chambers just below the surface of the case. It will also make you look like you're about to go on a field exercise. Solider, where's that map data.

Price: $39.99


Booq Taipan Shadow XS, Black-Red

Who says you have to have a case, why not get an iPad bag instead.

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The Taipan shadow XS iPad bag blends a slick messenger style with iPad case rolled into one. The result is that you get plenty of room for papers, business cards, keys, and iPad accessories while this iPad bag maintains a minimum exterior size. A plushly lined iPad compartment equipped with a durable YKK zipper and a seatbelt nylon shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad complete the package.

Price: $79.95


Sealed Air Mail Lite Gold envelope ref G/4

Yep that's right it's a jiffy bag and not a case pretending to be a jiffy bag. 

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If you've really pushed the boat out getting your iPad as well as a stack of apps you can pick up one of these from your local stationers or buy them in packs of 50 or 100 online. The bubble wrap inner will offer you protection from scratches while the case design (yep we mean the goldish brown envelope) will disguise your iPad and make people believe you've just got some post. 

Price: £12.99 for 100



What's your favourite case for the iPad? Which one do you think offers the most protection? Let us know in the comments below.