The Archos 7 Tablet has been priced up and is available for pre-order direct from the manufacturer and other selected retailers. For £129.99 you could get yourself a piece of kit that Archos says will bridge the gap between your smartphone and your PC.

The Archos 7 Tablet is an Android-based device with a 7-inch, 800 x 480 touchscreen display. It's only 12mm thick and weighs in at just 350g, so it's about as portable as a 7-inch tablet is going to get.

On board are all the features that you would imagine of a multimedia tablet from Archos: Wi-Fi, video and music playback, photo browsing and also USB connectivity for file transfers. There's access to some Android apps via the AppsLib store and it even comes with a few Android widgets thrown in.

It can play back 7 hours of video or 44 hours of music on a single charge and Archos claims that the built in speakers are, "a very capable replacement for a hi-fi or radio".

For a penny shy of £130, this looks like a pretty decent little media player, and is cunningly priced considering the fees Apple's slapped on the iPad.