If you got all excited by the fuss about the Crunchpad, and weren't too bothered by the change of ownership when Fusion Garage fell out with TechCrunch over the gadget's creation, you might be pleased to hear that the device will soon be available in Europe.

The rebranded JooJoo's online store now offers international shipping, but remarkably for consumer technology the prices are actually cheaper than their US equivalents. In the UK, it'll cost £319, which translates to $486 - $13 cheaper than the $499 US asking price.

Fusion Garage also took pains to promise a software update that will relieve early bugs, saying: "We are in the midst of bad joojoo for a very simple reason: We were aggressive in our product delivery commitments, decided to completely revise our UI as we were readying the product for release and our initial units shipped with software that proved to be problematic when put to the test in the real world".

If you're swayed by that, then you can order the tablet online now.