Searching the web for a new tablet this month? How about a 2-in-1?  Ready to ditch the old laptop, or move up to a bigger screen?

Then look no further, as we round up the best deals for tablets - all based on our four and five-star reviews. This means the below are not only saving you money, but they're highly rated too.

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Apple iPad 10.2-inch (2019)


The standard iPad may have grown in size, but there's plenty to love here, with nearly 12 percent off at the moment instead of £349. 

iPad Mini (2019)


Refreshed with state-of-the-art specs last year, the latest-generation iPad Mini is a doozy. It might look the same, but there's some serious power here. Current savings are modest, but still worth having. 

iPad Pro 12.9in (2018)


You can currently save around 10 percent on this iPad Pro - the pinnacle of Apple's tablet offering until recently. It might have been replaced by a newer model, but this is virtually the same and so the money off is very welcome. 

Amazon Kindle (2019)


With a £20 saving currently, the standard Kindle is available for an absolute steal. And with free months of Kindle Unlimited currently on offer as well, there's little doubt that this is a super deal. 

Amazon Fire 7


Amazon's entry-level tablet is designed as a step-up from the Kindle series and is based around Amazon's own FireOS instead, which is a different version of Android. There's a 20 percent discount at present.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6


Samsung makes the best Android tablets around and the S6 is a premium iPad competitor that we like a lot. You can get around 10 percent off at present. 

Microsoft Surface Book 2


Although this is only partially a tablet, it's a very powerful device and if you're looking for a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet then there's none better. Again, there's around 10 percent off at present. 

Google Pixel Slate


Google is selling off its Pixel Slate. It hasn't had massive success with the Chrome OS-based device, but it's still decent for the money. 

Other tablet deals

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