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(Pocket-lint) - Apple changed the game up pretty substantially when it launched the latest iPad Air - it's a significant upgrade on the last Air, and very much makes the tablet a middle-ground between the standard iPad and iPad Pro range. 

The new tablet is the very first device to feature Apple's A14 chip, making it really powerful, and it's also got the newer, rounded design of the Pro range, although it's got its own size and therefore accessories and cases.

This is a really pretty tablet, and a potent one, too, so there's no doubt that you'll want to pick up a case for it, to make sure that it's not too vulnerable to wear and tear. We've gathered some of the very best available, right here. 

Our guide to the best iPad Air cases available today

AppleBest iPad Air (2020) cases: Protect Apple's newest tablet photo 7

Apple Smart Folio


Apple's folding case for its iPads has become entirely iconic, and immediately synonymous with the iPad since so many people rock them when they pick up a new iPad. 

That's with good reason, too - they're superb cases that give you a good degree of protection while remaining sleek and classy, while that folding cover both protects your screen and lets you prop the tablet up for better viewing angles. 

AppleBest iPad Air (2020) cases: Protect Apple's newest tablet photo 4

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio


If you want a similar folio-style case for your iPad Air, but want to take advantage of its power by getting some work done on it, you might want one that packs in a keyboard, like this more expensive upgrade from Apple.

It's got that same Apple style and panache and keeps things really minimalist and swish, while still giving you a satisfying keyboard for word processing, and those all-important viewing angles for watching TV or movies. 

LogitechBest iPad Air (2020) cases: Protect Apple's newest tablet photo 2

Logitech Folio Touch


The real power of Apple's newer iPads, including the Air, is unlocked by the addition of trackpad support, though, which means you might want a case that has a trackpad, turning your iPad into basically a 2-in-1.

This case from Logitech is perfect, really well made, and with a great keyboard and trackpad on board, plus an adjustable kickstand that makes it super useful. Once you get used to working this way, you'll wonder why everyone isn't doing it. It's fairly pricey, but still undercuts Apple's own effort nicely. 

AppleBest iPad Air (2020) cases: Protect Apple's newest tablet photo 3

Apple Magic Keyboard


If you want the absolute best experience as far as a typing and trackpad combination go for your iPad Air, the standout winner is Apple's Magic Keyboard, a masterpiece of design. It floats your iPad up in the air and gives great angles as you work with the solid keys and exemplary trackpad.

Of course, it's also hugely expensive, at more than twice the price of Logitech's alternative, so it's likely to be well out of most people's reach. Still, if you can stretch to it, things don't get better than this. 

OtterboxBest iPad Air (2020) cases: Protect Apple's newest tablet photo 5

OtterBox Symmetry Series 360


Otterbox has a storied name in protection for mobile and tablet devices, and it's brought that expertise to bear on the new iPad Air in the form of this nifty folio case. 

It's a bit chunkier than the others we've featured, perfect if you're going to be taking the tablet out in more challenging situations, with bumpers for drop protection and a clasp to keep things closed in your bag or when stored. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 24 September 2020.