(Pocket-lint) - Apple's iPad is one heck of a beautiful tablet - it's still the best way for most people to get into that bigger-screen life, and offers a stunning experience paired with countless apps to enhance your routine. 

It's also a tablet that's revised pretty frequently in small ways, and in 2019 Apple refreshed its default tablet with a new screen size - 10.2 inches. That means that all the best accessory-makers out there responded with new ranges of cases so that you can protect your tablet adequately. We've gathered some of the very best for you to pick from here. 

Our guide to the best 10.2-inch iPad cases


Apple Smart Cover


When it comes to iPad cases of all sizes, we tend to come to the same conclusion - for most people, even if it feels a little pricey, Apple's own Smart Cover is going to be the best case.

It offers solid protection for your tablet with that recognisable folding cover to let you get viewing angles on surfaces with ease, and is available in some classy colours. 


Spigen Urban Fit


If you want a slightly sturdier build and a lower price, but want to retain the folding cover, Spigen's case is a great option. 

It might not be quite as svelte and low-key, but this will do better if dropped and still has some really nice colours to choose from, too. 


Moshi VersaCover Case


Moshi's VersaCover cases offer an interesting twist on how to let you stand your tablet up, with a triangle-based system that folds in a few ways.

It's really effective, while the bumpers mean your tablet is protected nicely, too. 


UAG Folio


If you're looking for maximum protection, UAG is the obvious choice, although it doesn't do much to hide its rugged intentions. 

It's got great grippy elements to let you hold it securely and is obviously great if you're prone to dropping your tablet or are using it in a more rugged environment like a worksite or similar. 


JETech Case


Finally, if you're still hankering after Apple's own Smart Cover at the top of the pile but just can't swallow the price tag, JETech's imitation is impressive.

It's way, way more affordable, and while it can't match the quality of materials Apple uses, does an impressive job of coming close. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.