As we've said before, if you're after a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, live in the UK, and didn't manage to get hold of one of the remaining stock on the shelves of high street retailers, you should check out the Netherlands. The German court ruling which prevents Samsung selling the device in the European Union doesn't apply there, with separate proceedings being undertaken by Apple for that region.

And it still applies, even though the initial round in proceedings in the Netherlands has now drawn to a close. You'll have a good 2 months to nab one in Amsterdam as the judge this time deferred a ruling until 15 September, and stated that even if an injunction is imposed on that day, it wouldn't take affect until 13 October.

Interestingly, thanks to live tweeting by Andreas Udo de Haes, an editor at Webwereld, it also seems that the case panned out very differently to its German counterpart. And elements of it makes you wonder why the European Union injunction was given in the first place.

As part of its argument, Apple stated that, according to online market research, 80 per cent of people believe that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad are "identical" or, as reported on Engadget, "similar in general impression." And this was put forward as evidence.

Obviously, Samsung responded that Apple's claims are too vague, and that, if taken literally, even a digital photo frame could have impinged on the Cupertino firm's patents. And it's hard not to agree.

Of course, we don't have all the evidence or facts, but it does seem that the court in Netherlands is taking a more measured view on Apple's claims over patent infringement. Or, at least, it is taking its time over a decision, rather than rushing it out before Samsung has even had a chance to respond.

What do you think? Will this damage the rise of the tablet device? Let us know in the comments below...

Galaxy Tab 10.1: Samsung's options in Apple battle