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(Pocket-lint) - The top-of-the-line Kindle Voyage has been available for a few weeks now and many will be considering it as either a Christmas present for someone or a treat for themselves. However, it is quite pricey and a few pennies could be saved by opting for the next device down the line. So how does it compare to the nearest in line, the Kindle Paperwhite?

Pocket-lint has looked at the specifications and features of the two top models to give you some sort of clue how they stack up. More specifically, we've put the new, premium Amazon Kindle Voyage against the latest model of the Paperwhite, which first came out in 2013.

Keep reading to learn all the differences and similarities as well as which one is better deserving of your hard-earned cash.


The Kindle Voyage features a 6-inch E Ink capacitive touchscreen. The display offers 16-greyscale monochrome with 300ppi and built-in front illumination. The glass screen sits flush with the front of the Voyage, and it has a "micro-etched" matted texture in order to make it appear non-reflective in sunlight. It also supposedly mimics the texture of paper.

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The Kindle Paperwhite (2013) has similar screen as the Kindle Voyage, though it offers 212ppi (rather than 300ppi). It also has less contrast and doesn't sit flush. The Kindle Voyage therefore has, at least according to specs alone, the better display.

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Size and weight

The Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi model weighs 180g and has the following dimensions: 162 x 115 x 7.6mm. The Kindle Paperwhite (2013) Wi-Fi models weighs 206g and has the following dimensions: 169 x 117 x 9.1mm.

The Wi-Fi + 3G models for both e-readers have an additional 8 and 7 grams of weight respectively but no extra size or thickness. If you're looking for something that's more portable, you should probably go with the lighter, smaller and thinner Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi model over any of the Kindle Paperwhite (2013) models.


The Kindle Voyage is available in either Wi-Fi (802.11 b, g, n) or Wi-Fi + 3G models. The same goes for the Kindle Paperwhite (2013), meaning both e-readers are equal in terms of connectivity options.


Both the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite (2013) come with 4GB of storage as standard.


Amazon claims the battery for the Kindle Voyage will last "weeks on a single charge". The company said the same thing about the Kindle Paperwhite (2013), and in fact tests showed both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models lasted up to 2 months on a single charge. The Voyage perhaps slightly less, more like six weeks, but that's still very good.


The Kindle Voyage has what the company is calling PagePress technology. It includes haptic force feedback in the bezel, enabling you to turn pages by lightly pressing a thumb on the frame. A tactile vibration will respond to let you know the page has been turned. There's also a new adaptive front light that adjusts brightness, depending on time of day such as morning or night.

The Kindle Paperwhite (2013) does not offer any of the above-mentioned features at the moment, but does still have an evenly balanced light.


The Kindle Voyage offers reading features like Bookmarks, Notes, Highlighting, an integrated dictionary, and the ability to download and share content and media. It also supports the following file types: Adobe PDF (pdf), Plain text (txt), HTML pages (html), Microsoft Word (doc), Mobipocket (mobi, prc), other.

The Kindle Paperwhite (2013) offers all the same features and supports all the same file types as the Kindle Voyage. Both e-readers can even hold "thousands of books", according to Amazon. In other words, in terms of reading capabilities and features, the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite (2013) are equal.

They have also both added new features through a software update recently.


Both the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite (2013) are only available in the colour black as standard.


The Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi model costs £169, while the Wi-Fi + 3G model costs £229.

As for the Kindle Paperwhite (2013), the Wi-Fi model costs £109 and the Wi-Fi + 3G model costs £169.


Get the Kindle Voyage if you want a light and thin e-reader from Amazon, with a high-resolution, high-contrast display. You'll just have to pay a bit more for it. Indeed, if you are looking for 3G connectivity too, it'll cost you more than a lot of equivalent tablets.

That said, we loved the Voyage in our recent review and those who read a lot, especially in daylight, will still find a lot of use for a premium eBook reader.

The Kindle Paperwhite (2013) is still an attractive option too. It may not have the best display of the two e-readers, and is less snazzy in design, but it's still a decent for budget-conscious shoppers.

We'd still rather have the Wi-Fi Voyage over the Wi-Fi + 3G Paperwhite though.

Writing by Elyse Betters and Rik Henderson.