(Pocket-lint) - Finding a matching protective case for your device is one of the first things you should do after you take it out of the box, and it's exactly the same with shiny new tablets - whether you have an Amazon Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or iPad. 

The right case will save your tablet from bumps, scratches, and inevitable drops by children, as well as keep it looking just as sleek as it does when unprotected. However, aside from understanding what size case will correspond with your tablet, you need to know what look you want, too. 

Some will act as simple folding cases that primarily protect the display, others will have stands to help you view the screen more easily and a select few will be old-school carry cases that allow you to enjoy the device's in its purest form and simply shield it while traveling. 

Whatever case you need, we're here to help - below you'll find some of the top tablet cases.

Top tablet cases to buy right now


Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Case


It may not be the cheapest possible case you can pick up, but it almost certainly is the best option for Fire HD 10 owners. 

Directly from Amazon, this charcoal black option - also available in eight other colors - is compatible with 7th and 9th Generation versions of the tablet, offering you a slim protective layer and, naturally, perfect access to all the buttons.

The magnetic fold also gives you a really neat auto-wake and auto-sleep function, and the built-in stands let you prop it up in portrait and landscape for easy viewing. 


AmazonBasics iPad Air and Netbook Bag


If you have any tablet that's between 7-inches and 10-inches, AmazonBasics' neoprene case - complete with handles - adds a portable layer of protection.

That protection is also weather-resistant, with the outside measuring 11.1 x 9.1 x 1.6-inches, and, even if it isn't the most stylish option, it does the job effectively and means you don't have to permanently have protection snapped onto your device. 

For the price, too, it's a very low-cost solution.

Seymac Stock

Seymac Stock Samsung Galaxy Tab A Case


If you're the proud owner of a 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A, this is the only protective cover you need to explore. 

We'll admit it's not the most stylish pick, but it is a classic protective case - shockproof, durable thermoplastic polycarbonate makes up most of the unit's material, with anti-slip silicone on the outside and a built-in screen protector also present.

With a soft hand strap, portable shoulder strap, stylus holder, and rotating stand, too, it's as functional as it is protective.

Mobile Stuff

Mobile Stuff Universal Leather Case


An affordable universal case with plenty of options to mix up colors and match to your tablet, this option from Mobile Stuff is certainly one to consider. 

Designed to fit devices around 10-inches, the case locks your device into place to gives you access to all the buttons, inputs, and speakers, with three different slots available to keep your camera accessible. 

With ridges on the inside layer (and the layer the device sits on also able to rotate 360-degrees), it's ideal for propping into position and watching videos. Just keep in mind there's no cutout on the back for cameras.


Bmouo Kids Case for Alcatel Joy Tab 8


If you've already gone to the effort of picking up a T-Mobile Alacatel Joy Tab for your child, do the next best thing and protect it with this case.

Specifically designed for the 8-inch model, the case features accurate cutouts to give clear access to buttons, speakers, and inputs, with the heavy-duty EVA foam design also shielding the device from the inevitable bumps and drops. 

To help avoid that even further, the foldable handle makes it easy for your child to take on the go, too, and it also doubles up as a kickstand for easy viewing. 


ProCase Universal Case


This universal folio option is great for those with tablets measuring between 9-inches and 10-inches, giving your tablet a smart leather protective layer.

The inner layer of the case is able to adjust the fit your tablet, also featuring multiple carved out slots to help prop your device up for easier media viewing. 

To make sure everything stays secure when you're on the go, there's also an elastic band to wrap around the front and an elastic stylus holder.


MoKo Case for Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet


It's hard to believe this MoKo case isn't from Amazon itself, giving you a more affordable option to explore if you're a Fire HD 10 owner. 

Compatible with both the 7th and 9th generation devices, it neatly wraps around the tablet to give you a layer of protection, as well as auto-wake/sleep functionality when you close over the magnetic lid.

Thanks to the fold in the top layer, you can also stand your tablet up to enjoy media viewing more easily, and the loop keeps your stylus locked in place.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.