The cellular iPad mini goes on sale today, including the 4G version. For those after a tiny tablet with a mobile internet connection, the choice is vast. Pocket-lint has put together a list of what each network has on offer, to make your choice easier and hopefully save you some cash on the way.



The 16GB iPad mini on contract with Three comes in several flavours. The first, priced in at £29 a month, gives you 15GB of data a month for 24 months and an up-front cost of £59 for the tablet. This will cost you £755 in total.

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The same deal can be had for £25 a month, with the tablet costing £99 to buy. Total here is £699. Finally, there is a 10GB rolling plan at £15 a month with the tablet costing £369. If you were to run this for 24 months it would cost you £729.

SIM only

The SIM offering comes in two different formats. One is a rolling one-month contract costing £7.50 and giving you 1GB of data.

This can be bumped up to 10GB of data for £15 a month and again is a one-month rolling contract.

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An iPad mini on EE has the bonus of higher internet speed, thanks to EE’s 4G network. Price-wise, there are two choices. Spend £49.99 a month on the tablet and £35.99 each month for 24 months and you will get 8GB of data to play with and a 16GB iPad. This comes to £913.75

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Or you can stump up £149.99 for a 16GB tablet, get 3GB of data and pay £24.99 a month. This will mean a total cost of 749.75.

SIM only

EE’s SIM-only offering is a straightforward one-month rolling contract. Priced in at £15.99, you get 5GB of data to play with. The plan also comes with the first month of 4G free.



Orange and T-Mobile are essentially the 3G equivalents of EE. As such pricing is a little bit less extreme. On T-Mobile, the iPad mini starts at £149 for a 16GB tablet with 1GB of data, with a £21 a month fee for 24 months. Total price here is £653.

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These monthly offerings then increase in data and price with the tablet itself getting cheaper. The top end of the scale sees the iPad mini costing £29.99 and 5GB of data being £36.99 a month for 24 months. If you opt for this, expect to spend £756.75 overall.

SIM only

This is much more simple - 30-day rolling contracts that can be done in three ways. They start at £7.50 for 1GB of data, £10 for 2GB and £15 for 5GB.



Orange is slightly less data heavy but equally as confusing. First you need to decide on whether you want 2GB or 250Mb of data. All contracts run for 24 months. For the 250Mb option, plans run from £21 a month with a £99.99 fee for a 16GB iPad mini, costing £603 in total. A free iPad mini is going to set you back £36 a month, at a total of £864.

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The 2GB option starts at £29.99 a month for a 16GB iPad mini, with a £99 up-front cost and goes to £36 a month for a free tablet. It's worth noting that all of these have a £50 deposit.

SIM only

The iPad SIM-only plans from Orange are again either 250Mb or 2GB. The 250Mb option is £5 a month. The 2GB offering, which splits data between 1GB anytime and 1GB quiet time (midnight until 4pm), is £10 a month.


The iPad mini by itself costs £369 for 16GB of storage, £449 for 32GB and £529 for 64GB.