The iPad mini is available to buy. You can get it in all the different storage sizes, a choice of black or white and whether you want it to be 3G or Wi-Fi only. In fact, here is where you buy your iPad mini in the UK. Job done, right? Wrong. What about your iPad mini accessories?

As ever, we’ve got you covered here at Pocket-lint. We’d hope that you have some of these already - or something very much like them - but, just in case, here are a few ideas of how you can pimp out your 7.9-inch tablet with the best iPad mini accessories.

iPad mini Smart Cover

It’s an obvious place to start but a very important one. No iPad of any sort should ever be without its Smart Cover protecting the screen. Apple’s clever use of magnets means that the cover is never a bother and very, very useful.

The only shame is that the company hasn’t redesigned its all-in-one Smart Case for the iPad mini to protect the rest of the chassis. You’ll need to bag yourself an iPad mini shell to complete the look or perhaps a different kind of case altogether if you prefer. Take a look at our Best iPad mini cases selection for an idea. iPad mini Smart Cover - £35

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Jawbone Big Jambox

When you hear that the Big Jambox costs about £260, you might take a deep breath. It's a lot of money to spend on a small, portable speaker. But we have to say, from a quality point of view, the Jambox is second to none. It's improved hugely on the original small version, producing more sound and of a better overall quality.

For those not in the know, it’s a Bluetooth speaker solution for wireless music from any portable device. Yes, you can listen through your iPad mini’s speakers but the Big Jambox offers party-quality sound with enough balance and bass to really feel the music. Big Jambox review | Buy the Big Jambox - £259.99

B&O BeoPlay A9

If your iPad mini speaker system is for home, then we’d strongly suggest the Bang & Olufsen A9 wireless speaker. The two things you’re going to get from B&O are fantastic good looks and immaculate sound, and the A9 delivers on both fronts.

Unfortunately, it also delivers on the third certainty of all Bang & Olufsen products - price. It comes in at around £1,700. The 2 x three-quarter-inch tweeters and 2 x 3-inch midrange drive units, each driven by separate 80-watt class D amplifiers, is where the money goes. Oh, and the 8-inch bass unit driven by 160-watts from its own class D amp too. Very nice. B&O BeoPlay A9 hands-on

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Bowers & Wilkins P3

These great-looking, uber-comfortable headphones might cost a pretty penny, but they’re more than up to the job where demanding users are concerned. Audio fans can cheer, as can design fans, heck we all can – these are tip-top headphones that are even on a par with the P5s in our opinion.

They’re made for listening on the go, which is perfect for your iPad mini, but there is a touch of sound leakage as you bash the volume up. That said, if sound leakage isn’t an issue at all for you, you might want to think about the Philips Fiedlio X1 instead. B&W P3 review | Philips X1 review


Apps, apps and more apps, that’s what you’re going to be using your iPad mini for. Thankfully, we at Pocket-lint are hot on apps, so follow our daily App of the Day feature on the site every week day at 6pm to find out the ones that we think are worth downloading. On top of that, do take a look at the following to get you started:

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Lightning Digital AV adapter

Sometimes you’ll want to convert that small screen iPad mini experience into something a lot larger and there’s not much that will naturally interface with an Apple Lightning port. Instead, you’ll have to bite the bullet and buy another dedicate piece of plastic from Cupertino.

The Lightning Digital AV adapter gives you an HDMI socket which can output video at up to 1080p and mirror any on-screen apps, documents, web pages and such at up to 720p. Buy Lightning Digital AV adapter - £39

iTunes Gift Card

Apple loves to do two things. The first is to sell you a beautiful piece of hardware at a nice margin. The second is then to sell lots of content to you with a healthy chunk of the profits heading back to strengthen the company coffers once more.

Nonetheless, you should embrace it and buy plenty of apps, films and music from the iTunes Store. What else is one to do with a tablet, after all. So, sure iTunes Gift Cards make great accessories to iPad minis. You might not want to get them for yourself but they’re an excellent thing to ask for on your Christmas list. iTunes Gift Card

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Music subscription

It doesn’t really matter whether you go for Spotify Premium, Amazon MP3 and Cloud Player or any of the others, but music through your iPad mini is going to be a good idea - particularly if you go for the 3G version of the device.

The premium version of most of these services comes out as around £9.99 a month in the UK and Europe and brings with it higher quality streams than normal and as much music on the go as you can eat. Spotify | Amazon MP3

Video subscription

Just as with music, there are video subscriptions to enjoy as well. Both Lovefilm and Netflix have compelling deals for around a fiver a month. The former is probably better for the new releases while the latter is good for back catalogue.

If you’re really serious about this though, then a Sky subscription is an excellent idea. That will mean you can use the Sky Go app for as much live and on-demand sports and movies as your TV package allows.

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Apple TV

Yes. Welcome to the ecosystem. The principal reason for adding Apple TV as an accessory to your iPad mini is to leverage that AirPlay mirroring functionality. What it means is that, with the Apple TV box plugged into your telly, anything you have on the screen of your iPad mini is wirelessly transmitted to your big screen TV.

By the same token, if your telly is hooked up to a decent sound system, it will do the same for you audio too. Not bad for £99 given that it’s got all sorts of tricks of its own as well. Apple TV review | Buy Apple TV

Flexible Bluetooth keyboard

If you’re looking for an iPad mini keyboard, you might want to reconsider whether you’re buying the right size iPad. Sure, you can work at one but, as the screen gets smaller, so does your ability to do so. Nonetheless, we can still see the point in a keyboard for some, so here you go.

Rather than going for something steady, aim for a keyboard that’s just as portable and pocketable as your iPad mini itself. Et voila, the flexible, foldable, rollable Bluetooth keyboard. Possibly not the best typing experience but certainly the most practical one for this scenario. Buy one here - £14.95