The Samsung Galaxy Tab is finally here, and no doubt many of the Android fans out there will have ordered theirs already. Pricing for the new tablet is gradually being confirmed by the networks, and if you choose your deal carefully then you should have some money left over for investing in some essential accessories. Here at Pocket-lint, we've trawled the Internet to find the best pieces of kit for you to pimp out your SamTab.

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If you're intending to use your new SamTab for writing documents or anything that involves a fair bit of typing, then you'd be wise to invest in a keyboard, rather than bravely trying to type out your musings using the tiny touchscreen QWERTY. This full-sized, 83-key keyboard has a built-in docking station that holds your SamTab firmly in place in a portrait position.

You'll also find connections for your tablet's charger and audio out, so that you can charge your SamTab and also listen to music while you work. The size of the keyboard does of course reduce the portability of your tablet somewhat, but it's a handy add-on to have at home to save you from typo-related angst. This one is exclusive to the Carphone Warehouse for 6 weeks.

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This tablet dock provides a handy spot to keep your tablet at home, and will make sure that it's always charged. It houses the SamTab in a portrait position and also includes speaker outputs so that you can use it to play back your tunes. There's also a mini HDMI socket for rigging up a compatible HD device. You'll also get a headphone socket and, judging by the image that Samsung has provided, it looks as though there's an SD card slot too.

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To get your SamTab ready for its first step into the outside world, you need to make sure that it's fully kitted out so that it doesn't fall at the first hurdle. We would strongly advise you to invest in a screen protector to stop your shiny new screen from getting scratched when it's jiggling around at the bottom of your rucksack. This screen guard is designed to last for the life of the tablet so you shouldn't need to replace it. At just £2.95, this is money well spent.

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This chic notebook case not only lends your SamTab an extra level of protection from damage, it can also be folded back on itself to create a stand. The case also boasts built-in d30 protective technology, which is so hardcore that it's normally used for protective clothing and in products ranging from football goalie's gloves and shin guards to skiwear and ballet shoes. It's made of leather and has a strap to secure the tablet in place.

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If you're after an affordable travel case to keep your tablet safe then this slick pouch should do the trick. There's a colour to suit most tastes - you can choose from various hues including pink, blue, green and black. The case is also extremely lightweight, so it shouldn't add too much bulk to your bag if you're out and about. Cellapod also makes protective cases for a range of mobile phones, as well as the Amazon Kindle ebook.

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If you want to keep your SamTab safe from harm, but you don't want to have to keep taking it out and putting it back into a bulky case, then a silicone skin is a good option. This durable casing fits flush around the tablet, and has cut-out sections over all the important buttons so that you won't need to remove it to fire up and use your tablet. The rubber finish also provides some extra grip as well as protecting your beloved new device from knocks and bumps.

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This Samsung-branded case has been specially designed to fit the SamTab and is made from smart, soft leather. If you're after a slick storage case for your tablet, then this is ideal and it's also got built-in d30 protective technology for extra peace of mind. As mentioned earlier, this is used in a wide variety of protective clothing and specialist sportswear, so you can rest assured that your shiny new tablet is being well looked after.

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Another lightweight neoprene case, this one not only protects your tablet from the perils of everyday life in your bag, but it's also water resistant. Note that it's not actually waterproof, so while it can probably handle a few spots of rain or a brief beverage spillage, it's probably best not to go dropping it in a river or anything daft like that. It also includes an extra storage pocket for keeping leads, SD cards or whatever other SamTab-related paraphernalia you want to carry about. And there's a wrist strap, which should make it slightly less easy to drop.

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There's nothing more annoying than slipping your newly purchased gadget out of its new case to show off to your mates, only to find that the battery is dead. Not much explanation is needed for this one - suffice to say that if you spend a lot of time travelling about in the car then this USB-equipped in-car charger is an invaluable way of making sure that your SamTab is always topped up with juice and ready to perform on cue.

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If the SamTab's screen is proving too small to watch programmes or videos comfortably, then why super-size the screen by plugging it into your TV or projector instead? Samsung's TV-out cable plugs into compatible products using the composite inputs, which should mean that you can rig it up to most TVs. As composite is a standard-def connection, unfortunately there's no support for high-def pictures.