Notebooks may be all the rage but one area where they still suffer is in the sound quality department. To remedy this, there are a host of external speakers that offer portable assistance.

This being Sony, you have to expect something a little different and the SRS-T10PC Travel Speakers don’t disappoint. A purple plastic cover may initially look a little superfluous, also doubles as a stand to rest and position the speakers on is a neat little design trick.

There are two speakers, as well as tiny bass reflex ports, and to help keep weight and size down, the speakers are powered by your notebook using the USB cable that is provided. This cable also doubles as the connection for getting the sound from your machine.

Measuring 170 x 60 x 25mm and weighing in at less than 200g this is a seriously small piece of kit that can easily be hidden away in your notebook carry case.

Given the rather small size of the speakers we were impressed with the overall quality. They aren’t powerful enough to replace the speakers in your Hi-Fi but for presentations or for using in small rooms, they deliver a fairly powerful punch with a nice balance between treble and bass.

Simply plug in the USB port and your notebook will identify it and set up the drivers instantly. It’s a quick install, with the drivers taking control of the sound settings and diverting the sound from the notebook speakers to the externals instantly.


The SRS-T10PC Travel Speakers do a great job of handling music from your notebook. Not only are they good for movies but they’re also perfect for listening to music when you’re on your travels.