In the latest of a seemingly endless line of 30-pin products, we thought we'd get down and dirty with Sony's 2012 offering in the shape of the licence plate impersonating Sony CMT-V758BTiP.

The most important thing to notice about this shelf-side audio solution is that it's not, in fact, a dock. Of course, it is a dock but - as any self-respecting member of a Sony Store will tell you - it's also so much more. It's a CD player and an FM/DAB/DAB+ radio too. It'll also support Android music streaming over Bluetooth if you're not an iOS household.


The Magnetic Fluid speakers mean that the speakers are damperless and so should create a more efficient, thinner, speaker that's less prone to distortion. In reality, what it equates to is some reasonable sound given the shape and very thin profile of the device. Don't expect luxurious bass because you're not going to get it. The bottom end of the sound is better than you'd think to look at the V75 but there's a definite compromise for style.

The alternative to the just under £200 asking price is its baby brother, known as the V10. Closer to the £100 mark, the V10 is smaller and promises less on the sound front but, given that the V75 doesn't exactly excel in that area anyway, it's not such a bad trade off. What you get in return - apart from more money in your pocket - is the addition of a USB slot on the top of the device as well as the kind of sliding CD tray experience that you used to measure tape decks by in the Eighties.


Both the V10 and V75 are out in the coming weeks, look awfully good and seem to be the typically quality units that you'd expect from Sony. Yours to buy in the coming weeks.

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