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(Pocket-lint) - The Sonos One is described by the company as "the smart speaker for music lovers" and it not only offers Amazon's Alexa, but Google Assistant too, giving you a choice of the personal assistant you want to use and the ability to change whenever you like.

Alexa and Google Assistant are capable of plenty, from turning your Philips Hue or Ikea lights on, to playing your favourite track. What they can't do is tell you what the Sonos One is like. We can though. "Hey Pocket-lint, should I buy the Sonos One?"...

Our quick take

The Sonos One is a small but mighty little speaker. It delivers a premium, solid design, just as you would expect from a Sonos device, but it couples its good looks with smarts too, living up to that "smart speaker for music lovers" tagline.

It has some serious competition in the voice-controlled speaker world, especially with many being cheaper, and it could certainly be argued that Sonos was a little late to the smart speaker party, given Amazon Echo had been dominating for well over a year when the One arrived.

That said, for Sonos fans and music fans seeking a smart speaker that delivers excellent sound quality for its size, the One is unrivalled. This is a speaker designed for music lovers, which gives it that edge over Amazon's own Echo or Google Home.

The Sonos One doesn't disappoint. It truly remains the smart speaker we were waiting for when it first arrived and continues to be an excellent choice.

Alternatives to consider...

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Sonos Roam


The Sonos Roam has pretty much all the same features as the One, and it sounds great too, but it is also portable with Bluetooth capabiities. You can't use the Roam as surrounds to Sonos soundbar, but you can bring it wherever you like, it's waterproof and it has extra features like Sound Swap.

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Amazon Echo Studio


If its the Alexa capability that tickles your fancy with the Sonos One, you could opt for the Amazon Echo Studio. It offers good capabilities in the sound department, and it's very slightly cheaper than the Sonos One. You also get a built-in Zigbee controller, making smart home control super simple.

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Nest Audio


If its Google Assistant that you're after, you could consider the Goo