Flexson, a company specialising in Sonos accessories, has introduced ColourPlay to the UK, a simple way to change the colour schemes of Sonos speakers and other kit to spruce them up or match your home.

With the Sonos Play:1 being a massive success story for the American audio firm, Flexson has spotted the opportunity to make wall-mounts, speaker stands and all manner of other practical add-ons for the range. But one thing has always been standard with Sonos gear; as pretty as it is, you have to make so with white or black devices.

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Not so with ColourPlay. It comprises made to measure vinyl skins made of the same material used for customising cars. They seem simple to apply - we haven't tried ourselves yet - by positioning on the Speaker in question and then smoothing down. As the material is more durable and thicker than iPhone protective screens, for example, there shouldn't be too many troubles with bubbles.


The skins can also be peeled off again at a later date should you wish to change colour, without leaving any sticky marks or damaging the speaker underneath.

They are available in five different colours: candy pink gloss, cobalt blue gloss, imperial purple matt, sunflower yellow gloss, and racing red gloss. And you can get sets for Sonos Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 speakers. We also saw other modded Sonos kit, the Bridge, Connect and Connect:Amp, but the skins on those devices are not yet available.

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We were told that they will more than likely be in black rather than the purple on display, as is designed for customers who want to hide Sonos non-speaker tech in AV racks. At present they only come in white or silver and therefore stand out amongst mainly black equipment.


Pocket-lint was also told that in the future, there could be an expansion to the line-up, with wood effects and other patterned vinyls.

Prices for the first wave of ColourPlay speaker skins start at £19.99 for the Play:1 vinyls and rise to £29.99 for the Play:3, up to £34.99 for Play:5. We have to say that in the flesh, they look great - as if they were manufactured that way - and add a sense of fun to the range.

The skins will available for pre-order from flexson.com at the end of this month, March, and will be shipped from late April.