(Pocket-lint) - The Siesta Flow is a bedside radio alarm clock with DAB digital radio, internet radio and wireless connectivity built-in, it even has FM too. At around £99 it's on the pricey side for an alarm clock radio, but there are plenty of features included in that price. As with lots of new products recently the radio comes with a touchscreen interface. 

Through the Siesta Flow's touchscreen interface you can log on to the Pure Lounge which lets you sort and organise all your favourite online content quickly. All you have to do is register your radio to use Pure's online service.

Essentially The Lounge is an online tool for organising your favourite stations, Podcasts and other content. It allows you to search by station, language, country, genre or quality. If you've got more than one Pure radio you can manage multiple radios too. You can also use The Lounge service to listen to your favourite radio stations online. It's a nice extra and if you listen to a lot of radio over a number of stations it's a great way to manage your content.

There are 30 DAB memory slots and 10 FM positions on the Siesta Flow. It automatically updates its firmware itself when connected to the Internet too. In addition, there are 4 different alarm settings and should you need a different alarm every day, you can utilise one of the 365 alarm sounds available online. 

The radio itself looks much like any other alarm clock radio you've ever seen. The buttons along to the top of the Siesta Flow are decent and, importantly, the snooze button is by far the largest one.

The touchscreen is another story. We found it to be frustratingly slow and unresponsive; it's really not conducive to a pleasant radio experience. Entering a Wi-Fi password was a real chore and navigating the hundreds of Internet radio stations, podcasts and listen again options just too fiddly.

The audio is fine, but nothing special it's unlikely make you sit up to admire the sonic quality, but then it's not so bad that you have to turn it off instantly. However, most people probably aren't looking for spectacular audio from their alarm clock and by this measure the Flow is more than adequate. Build quality is good and though the screen is fiddly to use it it's bright and clear. 


The Pure Lounge is a great way of organising your podcasts and Internet radio and being able to stream music from your PC or Mac is compelling. However, the finicky touchscreen is our major complaint about the Siesta Flow if that were better we'd be much happier to recommend it. As it stands, however it's a little bit too expensive to get our full backing. Especially when there are similarly priced, and cheaper radio alarm clocks that do just as good a job. 

Writing by Chris Brennan.