So you've got a DAB radio from Pure, but what are you going to do with your iPod? Well the company hopes you'll be tempted by its iPod docking station, but will you be? We jack in to find out.

The PURE i-10 connects an iPod to any product that has a 3.5mm stereo line input (not just a Pure DAB radio), charges and provides remote control of the iPod while docked.

The simple silver pedestal lets the iPod (or iPhone) stand upright balanced via the dock connector and unit plugs into a nearby power socket. You don't actually need power (it's only so you can charge the iPod) to run the docking station. A second socket offers the 3.5mm connection and you get a 1m cable in the box to get you connected.

With no buttons, everything is connected via an infrared remote and the lightweight black and silver remote gives you control over virtually everything from skipping tracks to selecting shuffle to scrolling through menus.

Volume can also be controlled via the remote, but it only controls the output volume to the speakers you've connected the dock to rather than the speakers themselves.


At £29.99 the PURE i-10 Universal iPod Dock is incredibly simple and incredibly simple to use. It offers you exactly what it sets out to do - somewhere to dock your iPod when it's connected to your radio or Hi-Fi but little else.

The fact that you don't need to have the unit plugged in will appeal to those short of plug sockets and the remote is simple but effective enough to use if you are lazy.

Simple but effective if you've already got the speakers to connect this to.